William Battles the Anger Squiggles

We tell students how anger can effect their bodies, but telling is not as effective as actually seeing what can happen. When William Battles The Anger Squiggles is presented, students see William’s body fill with Anger Squiggles of different kinds and shapes and immediately understand the consequences of letting anger have control over them.

This versatile anger-management and assertiveness curriculum offers facilitators a variety of approaches. It includes:

  • The Storybook: The William Battles The Anger Squiggles storybook may be used independently and read to the students.
  • The Reproducible Student Storybook: May be used with the adult storybook or as part of the complete anger-management program. Includes the same illustrations as the adult version, but has abbreviated text.
  • The Anger-Management Curriculum: A 10-week small-group counseling program. The curriculum may be used in its entirety, to teach both anger-management and assertiveness; using only Sessions 1–6 to teach anger management; or using only Sessions 7–10 to teach assertiveness training.

    Luckily for William he learned to control his anger and lucky for your students as they follow William and learn to control their anger.

    TOPIC: Anger management

    INCLUDES: Story, reproducible student storybook, anger-management curriculum, assertiveness curriculum

    GRADE LEVELS: 3-6/AGES: 8-11

    FOR USE WITH: Individuals, small groups, classrooms

    AUTHORS: Katherine MacLeod, MSW

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Elementary-school counselors, social workers, at-risk personnel

    8.5 X 11, 112 PAGES, PAPERBACK, 2008


  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: MAR_WB084-M

William Battles the Anger Squiggles

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