What Are My Rights?

“Can I be prosecuted for comments I make online?” “Can I get a credit card?” “Why can’t I wear what I want to school?” These questions about teens and the law—and many more—are asked and answered in What Are My Rights? Teens often have questions about the law, but they don’t always know where to turn for answers about youth rights. This book provides those answers, exploring more than 100 questions specifically discussing the legal rights of teens. This revised and expanded third edition of the book features:

  • fresh facts and updated statistics about recent crime rates, notable juvenile court cases, state-by-state laws, and more
  • timely new questions and answers about topics including family, school, jobs, growing up, the legal system, and the consequences of breaking the law
  • a new chapter about youth rights online, from Facebook to file sharing
  • a foreword by cyberbullying prevention expert Dr. Jenny Walker
  • “Think About It, Talk About It” sections to spur conversation about teens and the law
  • a glossary of legal terms
  • charts detailing state-by-state laws on school attendance, cyberbullying, and other teen legal concerns

Judge Tom Jacobs draws on examples from real-life court cases involving young people, and uses a straightforward “just the facts” tone to help teens find out more about the laws that affect them, appreciate their rights, and consider their responsibilities.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: FS 23807

What Are My Rights?

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