Transforming Anger to Personal Power
An Anger Management Curriculum for Grades 6-12

This user-friendly resource provides educators and mental health professionals with a unique approach for teaching anger management to middle and high school students. It can be used with an entire class or in small group settings. Transforming Anger to Personal Power is not about adults trying to fix youth, telling them how to live, or showing them that adults know better. The goal of this program is to help students realize that they have the power to take control of their lives and emotions and choose healthy responses to anger. Through engaging lessons, students learn to use empowering language, to take responsibility for their behavior, and to understand the social, cultural, and personal influences that shape their thinking. Appendices include a reproducible pre/posttest and sample charts illustrating important points in the lessons. The program draws from several bodies of knowledge including cognitive intervention techniques, Eastern philosophy, brain research theories, and educational psychology.

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Transforming Anger to Personal Power

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