Think College

A critical resource for education professionals to read and share with families, Think College helps readers

  • understand the three current models for postsecondary education (PSE): inclusive individual supports; substantially separate, noninclusive classes; and hybrid approaches
  • overcome the common challenges and barriers to PSE for students with significant disabilities
  • plan effective, person-centered transition services for high school students as they pursue PSE
  • support students as they manage the practical aspects of a positive PSE experience
  • connect students' PSE experiences directly to employment and their other individual life goals
  • discover how exciting legislation and policy changes will affect future PSE options

Throughout the book, vignettes and first-person narratives from students and families underscore the benefits and challenges of PSE, and detailed profiles of real programs illustrate what a wide range of postsecondary options look like.

Readers will also get the helpful tools they need to create effective programs and ease students' transition to PSE, including a self-advocacy checklist, a program evaluation tool, sample student schedules, and a college-planning checklist for students and families.

  • Format: paperback
  • Item #: BP 9781557669179

Think College

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