The Power of a Positive No

Willie Bohanon & Friends Learn the Power of Resisting Peer Pressure

In graphic novel style, this book will show 3rd-8th graders how to choose true friends who will help in resisting negative peer pressure. The character building message features biblio-rhymology for right-brain thinking students and a rap song to reinforce the themes.

In the fourth installment of the Award-winning Urban Character Education series, Willie and his friends are facing some difficult times. Bernard is being pressured to fight others. Derf is dealing with a tough home life, and making questionable choices with some new friends. And Chelsey keeps lying to cover up for others. Put it all together and you can see that peer pressure is affecting the group in a negative way. Fortunately, counselor Mr. J is here to help Willie and his friends learn the importance of setting boundaries and saying no when it counts!

A downloadable activity Guide is also available for The Power of A Postive No.

  • Format: paperback
  • Item #: BT 54-007

The Power of a Positive No

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