The Power of Self-D

Motivate kids in grades 3-7 to work hard, set goals, and find good role models by presenting the story of Willie Bohanon. Recite the "Self-D Rap" provided at the end of the story to help students remember, practice and apply the tips that Willie and his friends discover.

Willie knows self-determination is a key to success. Too bad his closest friends don’t think so. They struggle to set the simplest of goals. Even Willie, despite a strong family and awesome role models, sometimes loses focus and gives up. Luckily for him and his pals, a mentor teaches them about SWAG – Self-determination, Working hard, Ambition and Guidance.

Written and illustrated in a comic-book style, this is the first in the author’s Willie Bohanon series. It’s a timely lesson for pre-teens, who are reminded that they power their own success.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: BT 54-001

The Power of Self-D

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