The Parenting Game (for PC)

The Parenting Game is a fun, unique, and effective way for parents to gain positive parenting skills.

Being a parent can be both rewarding and difficult. Children may be cooperative one minute and then demanding and stubborn the next. Children’s disruptive behavior often comes when least expected. Caught off-guard, parents may not always respond in ways that are helpful. But with practice, you can be prepared with skills that will help you to respond positively in real-life situations. This program provides the practice needed to learn these skills.

The Parenting Game program gives parents practice with 12 proven strategies for managing difficult and disruptive behavior in children. It also helps parents to recognize and encourage children who are behaving in acceptable ways. The goal is to learn parenting strategies that will enable you to avoid discipline problems and reduce misbehavior.


  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Item #: PEGS 4

The Parenting Game (for PC)

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