The Educator's Guide to Mental Health Issues in the Classroom

An estimated 20% of students have an emotional, behavioral, or mental disorder. Teachers are often the first to notice these problems — and with this reader-friendly guide, they'll have the information they need to help create effective learning environments for children and adolescents and collaborate effectively with mental health providers. Along with a detailed overview of the mental health system and the different types of mental health professionals, education professionals will get separate chapters on 11 specific mental health issues, each describing

  • characteristics of the disorder
  • ways the disorder might be manifested
  • the process for diagnosing the disorder
  • types of intervention and treatment
  • practical guidelines on working with students who have the disorder

Educators will also find specific strategies for building collaborative partnerships with mental health professionals and families; case studies illustrating successful collaboration; and appendices of definitions, DSM-IV-TR criteria for various disorders discussed in the book, common medications used to treat mental health disorders, and support organizations.

Equally useful for preservice and in-service general and special educators — and for the mental health providers who partner with them — this important book will prepare readers to understand students with mental health disorders and help improve their chances for social and academic success.

  • Format: Paperback
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The Educator's Guide to Mental Health Issues in the Classroom

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