The Drama Llama CD
These wonderful, supplementary, interactive mini-lessons can be used on any digital white board such as “SMART” Board™ or Promethean Board™ or on a computer. Kids will love these animated lessons, the great sound effects and narration. Lessons include:
• Recipe for Friendship - Select ingredients to add to the pot to create a recipe for friendship.
• Are You My True Friend? - Find animals in 5 different wildlife scenes. Based on what the animal is saying, decide whether that animal is being a TRUE friend.
• Building Friend“Chips” - Create friend“chips” and fill Drama Llama’s bank.
• Stop the Drama - Help Drama Llama choose a good response when animals are saying not-so-nice things about others.
• Friendship Garden - Use the watering can to collect the raindrops that will help the flowers in the friendship garden grow.
Also included on the CD are 3 full-color posters to print and hang in the classroom, The Drama Llama animated storybook and printable follow-up worksheets. 
• How to Stop a Rumor
• Don't Be a Drama Llama
• 5 Steps to Stop Drama
  • Included Media: CD
  • Item #: YL DRAMCD

The Drama Llama CD

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