The Adventures of Dakota 2nd edition with CD

CD of Reproducibles now included.

In the 2nd edition of this book Dakotaa friendly wolf teaches children lessons about life using experiences he had with other animals. After hearing Dakota tell about a challenging event in his life the leader stops the story before hearing Dakota's solution to the problem. During Paws Times children work together in small groups called Wolf Packs to brainstorm ideas listen to others and think of the best possible solutions to Dakota's challenge. After each Wolf Pack shares their ideas the leader continues the story to find out what Dakota decided to do. The students then act out a role play with a similar challenge children their age face.

Children will learn valuable life skills such as character coping compassion and problem solving/decision making.

Book Includes:

  • 8 Adventure stories about Dakota
  • Follow up discussion questions
  • Follow up role-plays
  • Reproducible activity sheets and award certificate
  • Additional information about wolves
  • Additional classroom and school-wide activities
  • Format: Paperback
  • Included Media: CD of reproducibles
  • Item #: YL ADVDAK

The Adventures of Dakota 2nd edition with CD

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