Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System

The nightmare began on day two for little six-year-old Sunny. That day she was sexually molested by her stepbrother, on a remote Tennessee farm. The abuse by her stepfather and stepbrothers didn’t stop for another five years, until Sunny’s mother loses her battle with cancer. When Sunny and her brother, Toby, are sent to live with their father and stepmother in Indianapolis, Sunny is once again thrown into an abusive environment where she endures abuse daily by her stepmother. 

Raped by her boyfriend while still in high school, Sunny has the first of her five children. To provide for her children, Sunny turns to dancing and then to working at a sauna. Caught up in the fast life, it isn't until Sunny is accused of prostitution that she truly changes her life and comes clean with her past.

Sunny turned her life around and is now a tireless advocate for men, women and youth exiting correctional institutions and fleeing domestic violence situations. "Throwaway" is not a word in Sunny's vocabulary. She believes if a person can get to the core of a problem, they can break through the bloom. She is a trainer, facilitator/educator, advocate and a powerful motivational speaker as well as founding director of Women Planting Seeds.

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Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System

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