Parker Plum and the Journey Through the Catacombs

When the new kid in class, Skyler Blue, wows everyone with tales of wild adventure – riding camels, exploring pyramids, and going on safari – it leaves Parker Plum feeling small, insignificant, and plain old ordinary. To Parker’s surprise, it’s him, not Skyler, who encounters a mystical black cat during the class field trip. Can this furry feline convince Parker to start thinking like a C-A-T and realize he’s just as special and interesting as everyone else? Journey Through the CATacombs is an entertaining and insightful look at dealing with envy and finding self-worth. It’s the second storybook in the Parker Plum series for children in grades 1-6. 32 pgs.

Extend the learning with the accompanying downloadable activities!

See also the first book in the series -  Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts.

  • Format: paperback
  • Item #: BT 62-002

Parker Plum and the Journey Through the Catacombs

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