Monthly Motivating Classroom Guidance Lessons

|Grades K-5| Monthly Motivating Classroom Guidance Lessons offer educators an opportunity to present innovative and interactive activities for each season and popular holidays. Each activity can be completed in one class period, requires few materials, and emphasizes an educational/counseling topic. Three lessons are provided for each month giving the facilitator an activity for Grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5.

Leaders will enjoy teaching the lessons and students will enjoy:

  • learning about being organized as they complete a School Backpack Helper Plan
  • learning ways to resolve conflicts by participating in Trick or Treat
  • improving their listening skills by playing Bunny Hop
  • practicing anger-management skills by completing the “Puzzling” Valentines activity sheet
  • improving their testing skills as they participate in the Brain Power
    Plus much more!

Monthly Motivating Classroom Guidance Lessons is an invaluable resource. The skills taught in the lessons bring continuity to school programs and curriculum as they reinforce what is being presented daily in the classrooms. The topics include:

August/September: Study Skills & Beginning of the School Year
October: Conflict Resolution
November: Resolving Problems
December: Kindness & Goodwill
January: Making Responsible Decisions
February: Anger Management
March: Bullying
April: Listening & Focusing Skills
May: Spring Into Test-Taking & School Success
June/July: Setting & Achieving Goals

The CD allows the user to easily print the reproducible worksheets/pages in black and white or color. PDFs on CD are level 1 Whiteboard Compatible.

  • Format: paperback
  • Included Media: CD
  • Item #: MAR MM0167

Monthly Motivating Classroom Guidance Lessons

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