MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior - Secondary

Designed for general/special education teachers and administrators, staff development coordinators, and university instructors, this innovative program offers a unique model for increasing teaching and learning time.

By using student and teacher dramatizations of actual classroom situations appropriate for a secondary school setting, More Time to Teach empowers educators to respond effectively to student behavior.

Teachers who have implemented this program have experienced the following results:

  • more than 40% decrease in classroom disruptions
  • dramatic improvement in classroom atmosphere
  • considerably less fatigue at the end of the school day

Designed for: Educators

  • Video Lbrarian  [Sept./Oct. 2007]  "A welcome resource for making classroom time more effective."
  • Diane Gossen: "Jeff Fink and Jon Halpern... show how to set bottom lines for students while still modeling respect and caring."
  • Harry K. Wong: " excellent program..."
  • Format: DVD
  • Item #: CS RSBS

MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior - Secondary

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