MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior - Elementary

Designed for general/special education teachers and administrators, staff development coordinators, and university instructors, this innovative program offers a unique model for increasing teaching and learning time.

By using student and teacher dramatizations of actual classroom situations tailored to an elementary school setting, More Time to Teach empowers educators to respond effectively to student behavior.

Teachers who have implemented this program have experienced the following results:

  •     more than 40% decrease in classroom disruptions
  •     dramatic improvement in classroom atmosphere
  •     considerably less fatigue at the end of the school day

Designed for: Educators

  • Booklist  [Sept./Oct. 2007]  "An effective resource for professional collections."
  • Diane Gossen: "Jeff Fink and Jon Halpern... show how to set bottom lines for students while still modeling respect and caring."
  • Harry K. Wong: " excellent program..."
  • Format: DVD
  • Item #: CS RSBE

MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior - Elementary

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