MORE TIME TO TEACH: Building Community in Challenging Classroom

After all the emphasis on building classroom community, teachers are still struggling.

Research has shown that students have higher achievement scores in classrooms where everyone feels accepted, valued and safe. Developing a unified classroom community, however, is complex. When classrooms experience challenges, teachers need to recognize how their responses affect the community. Teachers can develop skills to create cohesive communities especially during times of conflict. BUILDING COMMUNITY IN A CHALLENGING CLASSROOM gives teachers the necessary techniques for creating a positive atmosphere even in a difficult classroom.

BUILDING COMMUNITY IN A CHALLENGING CLASSROOM is designed for elementary school teachers, administrators and university instructors. Professional development of this timely topic will be enhanced by the use of the enclosed discussion guide.

  • Booklist On Line [11/5/13]: "This program offers helpful techniques to create classrooms where students feel accepted, valued, and safe."
  • School Library Journal [12/13]: "Show[s] ways that teachers can change their attitude and behaviors to create a more peaceful classroom."
  • Video Librarian [12/13]: "Recommended… A powerful presentation that could inspire meaningful change."
  • Format: DVD
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MORE TIME TO TEACH: Building Community in Challenging Classroom

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