Life Space Crisis Intervention

Totally revised and updated! New chapter on working with staff who inadvertently perpetuate conflict with a student New appendix on the future of LSCI Here's a professional resource for educators, psychologists, and counselors that focuses on Life Space Crisis Intervention, a strategy to help guide young people through stressful experiences.The second edition of this important book offers a significant breakthrough in teaching professionals the unique skills of interviewing children and youth during interpersonal crises.

  • Part One prepares an adult to deal with all aspects of student stress.
  • Part Two teaches the six sequential steps involved in carrying out successful life space crisis intervention, based on Fritz Redl's concepts.
  • Part Three describes six types of therapeutic life space crisis interventions that are typical and beneficial to students in conflict. This book is a must have for special educators, counselors, principals, child care workers, social workers, probation workers, and psychologists who work with students who have special needs.


  1. Crisis is a Time for Learning
  2. Stress, Conflict, and Crisis
  3. From Behavior to Feelings
  4. Questions to Answer Before You Begin LSCI
  5. A Guide to LSCI Basics
  6. The Helping Process and Potential Pitfalls
  7. The Reality Rub Reclaiming Intervention
  8. The Symptom Estrangement Reclaiming Intervention
  9. The Massaging Numb Values Reclaiming Intervention
  10. The New Tools Reclaiming Intervention
  11. The Manipulation of Body Boundaries Reclaiming Intervention
  12. The Double Struggle Reclaiming Intervention
  13. The Future of LSCI
  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: PRO 9207

Life Space Crisis Intervention

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