Learning the Skills of Anger Management

Ready-to-Use Lessons for the Elementary Grades Everyone gets angry, and kids are no exception. Anger is a powerful emotion that must be dealt with throughout life. Emotionally mature adults have learned to acknowledge and control anger, and to release it in healthy ways. Many children--particularly those who lack emotionally mature adult role models--require extra support and practice in order to develop anger-management skills.

Don't leave this process to chance or depend on temporary "band-aid" approaches. Provide direct, explicit instruction through fun activities involving movement, relaxation, coping techniques, role-plays, the arts, activity sheets, sharing circles, literature and more. With this practical, easy-to-use guide children learn to:

  • Identify angry feelings and understand anger as a normal emotionn
  • Accurately read "angry" body language and deal with anger in others
  • Identify situations that can create anger
  • Express anger in appropriate ways
  • Problem-solve situations that could lead to conflict
  • Replace negative with positive thinking/attitudes

TARGET GROUP: Grades 2-6

  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: PRO 11661

Learning the Skills of Anger Management

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