La Crianza Practica de los Hijos

Effective parenting and discipline techniques include preventing and correcting misbehavior, using consequences and praise, and setting clear expectations for children.

The successful and award-winning Common Sense Parenting® book, translated into Spanish!

Topics include setting clear expectations, giving positive and negative consequences for behavior, staying calm, teaching self-control, using Effective Praise and Preventive and Corrective Teaching, helping children make decisions and solve problems, reaching goals with charts and contracts, and teaching social skills. Also provided are strategies for dealing with the influence of the media, peer pressure, and problems in school.

Parents receive examples and step-by-step breakdowns of 16 valuable social skills.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: Spanish
  • Item #: BT 39-006

La Crianza Practica de los Hijos

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