LRG - Social, Emotional & Character Development (SECD)

Social, Emotional and Character Development (SECD) is a blend of two important traditions in education: Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character & Moral Education. This reference guide provides valuable background information on SECD, as well as strategies for implementing SECD in classrooms and schoolwide.

The guide identifies ways to:

  • Integrate SECD into academic lessons
  • Build critical thinking skills through literature and social studies lessons
  • Utilize a problem-solving/decision-making/conflict resolution approach called UPS
  • Engage parents and the community in SECD and extend initiatives outside of school

Valuable web, print, and video resources are provided, as well as a decision worksheet that facilitates student self-monitoring and promotes self-improvement skills acquisition.


  • Format: Laminated Guide
  • Item #: NPR SECD

LRG - Social, Emotional & Character Development (SECD)

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