LRG - Preventing Problem Behaviors for Students with Development

Preventing Problem Behaviors for Students with Developmental ChallengesThrough an Emotional Regulation Approach (ERA), Guide #1 - Presymbolic Stage

In this reference guide, authors Barry M. Prizant and Amy C. Laurent explain how a developmentally-based, person-centered Emotional Regulation Approach (ERA) can be used to prevent and respond to problem behaviors and improve the quality of life for children with developmental disabilities who are pre-symbolic or who are just beginning to use symbols (words, signs, pictures, picture symbols) to communicate.

The guide explains an ERA as being premised upon the belief that problem behaviors are the outcome of a dysregulated emotional state. An ERA therefore focuses on enhancing a student's ability to regulate his/her emotional arousal. It involves the implementation by student support teams of a variety of prevention strategies that support the student's ability to stay well-regulated emotionally throughout the day, as well as recovery strategies that help the student return to a well-regulated state from a state of dysregulation. Specific strategies are recommended for addressing specific problem behaviors.

Readers are guided through the six steps of creating an Emotional Regulation plan, which include

   Identify and implement generic strategies
   Identify problem behavior
   Analyze problem behavior
   Synthesize data and create a plan
   Implement plan
   Ongoing assessment

In a mere six pages, this guide provides practical, respectful, and innovative ways to assist students with problem behaviors in a manner that supports their ability to stay well-regulated emotionally, thereby enhancing learning, improving relationships, and enabling them to successfully participate in everyday activities and routines.


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LRG - Preventing Problem Behaviors for Students with Development

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