LRG - Managing Classroom Behavior Using RTI/MTSS

Designed for use by teachers, this 6-page, quick-reference laminated guide by Jim Wright, founder of Intervention Central (, describes a range of evidenced-based Tier 1 (whole class) RTI/MTSS strategies and interventions to prevent and manage disruptive or inappropriate classroom behaviors. Topics include:

  • Teaching and reinforcing behavioral expectations;
  • Making instruction engaging and effective;
  • Developing effective teacher-student communication;
  • Strategies for dealing with non-compliant behaviors, inattentive behaviors, anxious behaviors;
  • Breaking the aggression cycle. 

An invaluable classroom tool that will help teachers maintain a positive and productive classroom climate where all students learn.

  • Format: Laminated Reference Guide
  • Item #: NPR RTMT

LRG - Managing Classroom Behavior Using RTI/MTSS

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