LRG - Inclusion Succeeds with Effective Strategies (K-5)

This newly updated and expanded laminated reference guide by Toby Karten is designed to assist general education (GE) teachers, special education (SE) teachers, and school staff in implementing inclusive practices and effective strategies that focus on students’ strengths and abilities. It also presents simple and effective ways to foster co-teaching and collaborative practices.

Sections include the following

  • Co-teaching arrangements and tips
  • Classroom structure for inclusive classrooms
  • Inclusion accommodations chart 
  • Inclusion strategies chart
  • Differentiating Lessons
  • Assessment options
  • Checklist of functional objectives
  • Web resources for teachers, students, and families

 Use of this quick-reference guide will help teachers establish challenging, yet supportive inclusive environments within which students’ cognitive and emotional needs can be met. 


  • Format: Laminated Guide
  • Item #: NPR ISEK2

LRG - Inclusion Succeeds with Effective Strategies (K-5)

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