LRG - FBA and BIP:Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behaviora

Behavioral problems in the classroom can interfere with learning for the child with behavior problems as well as for other students in the class. By conducting functional behavior assessments (FBA) and developing behavior intervention plans (BIP), student support teams can provide effective, targeted interventions to students who require intensive behavioral support.

Revised in 2106, FBA and BIP:  Functional Behavioral Assessment & Behavior Intervention Plan, by Christine Ditrano, PsyD, provides a comprehensive overview of the components of FBA and BIP and details the six steps for conducting the FBA-BIP process, which include

  • Identifying and defining the problem behaviors
  • Gathering information
  • Generating a summary statement
  • Developing a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Implementing the BIP   
  • Monitoring and modifying the BIP 

This six-page (tri-fold) laminated reference guide emphasizes a team problem-solving approach through which educators use the results of a student's functional behavioral assessment to develop an individualized program of positive behavioral supports and interventions. In addition to helping teachers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, and administrators learn how to design effective behavioral interventions, the guide also emphasizes changing the environment to prevent behavior problems and improve classroom management.



  • Format: Laminated Reference Guide
  • Item #: NPR FBAB

LRG - FBA and BIP:Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behaviora

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