LRG - Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Teacher's Guide

Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Teacher’s Guide, by John Hosp and Michelle Hosp, is a practical quick-reference guide that helps teachers utilize curriculum-based measurement to assess student learning across content areas and make educational and instructional decisions. It explains what CBM is, the benefits of using CBM, and how CBM can be used to collect data for screening and progress decisions as part of Response To Intervention (RTI).  It also clarifies the difference between curriculum-based measurement and other assessment tools, namely, that true CBMs are

  • Dynamic
  • Reliable
  • Easy to administer and score
  • Time efficient

The guide describes and provides examples of various types of curriculum-based measurement, including general, multi-skill and sub-skill indicators. Tips on implementation are also provided, as are suggestions for graphing and analyzing data so that it can be used to make decisions about future instruction.


  • Format: Laminated Guide
  • Item #: NPR CBAT

LRG - Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Teacher's Guide

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