LRG - Common Core Standards:  Inclusive ELA K-5

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) establish high academic expectations for all students; however, they do not tell teachers how to teach.  To effectively address the different needs and learning styles of diverse learners in inclusive classrooms, teachers must connect the standards with instruction that is accessible to all learners.

Common Core Standards: Unique Practices for Inclusive Classrooms - English Language Arts, Grades K-5, by Toby Karten, is packed with specific recommendations to help educators incorporate the language arts standards of the CCSS into their lesson plans and throughout their classroom activities. 

This six-page (tri-fold) laminated guide provides teachers with an overview of ELA content for grades K-5, organized by the four strands – reading, writing, listening and speaking and language, and by grade level.  It details a five-step approach to help both special and general education teachers implement the ELA standards: 

  1. Review the CCSS over a three-grade timeframe
  2. Slate topics for each timeframe
  3. Share standards with the class
  4. Create a task analysis
  5. Revisit and adjust instruction as necessary 

This concise yet comprehensive guide also presents targeted recommendations such as classroom management tips, core materials and helpful additional resources.


  • Format: Laminated Reference Guide
  • Item #: NPR CCSE

LRG - Common Core Standards: Inclusive ELA K-5

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