LINKing - Authentic Assessment & Early Childhood 2nd ed

How can early childhood professionals make informed decisions while selecting assessment materials that meet recommended practices? Use the NEW edition of this essential reference, the only book with professional ratings and reviews of 80 authentic, widely used assessment tools for children birth–8.

Completely revamped and even more user-friendly than its popular first edition, this must-have guide provides ratings of the qualities of assessment materials based on:


  1. "consumer reports" and ratings from a survey of more than 1,000 professionals
  2. detailed reviews from a panel of assessment experts
  3. ratings drawn from the authors' own extensive expertise

Now with NEW features that make the ratings and reviews even more specific and useful, this book helps early childhood professionals


  • evaluate how each assessment tool measures up to 8 critical standards: acceptability, authenticity, collaboration, evidence, multifactors, sensitivity, universality, and utility
  • easily compare assessment tools, with At a Glance snapshots of good-quality measures and more in-depth Close-Ups of the top-rated assessments
  • determine which assessments best meet specific needs of both program and child
  • select tools compatible with the ones a program is already using
  • link realistic, authentic assessments with effective interventions
  • meet professional standards for recommended assessment practice
  • deepen their knowledge and use of assessment standards for personally rating assessment tools

A key text for courses on assessment and the go-to assessment guide for every early childhood program, this invaluable book will help professionals ensure high-quality services for children with and without disabilities. Professionals will have the clear and concise guidance they need to choose appropriate assessment tools that link to their programs, help design interventions that meet children's individual needs, and give all young children the start in life they deserve.

What's New?


    • Coverage of 31 additional assessment tools
    • More detailed rubric for 8 critical assessment standards, for more refined and specific ratings
    • Simple 5-icon rating system that lets users compare assessment tools at a glance
    • All-new reviews and ratings for every tool
    • Ratings from over 1,000 professionals to provide a substantial basis for evaluating each tool
    • More in-depth close-ups of the top 31 assessment measures
    • Examples of assessment form content

A featured book in our Successful Screening and Assessment Kit!

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LINKing - Authentic Assessment & Early Childhood 2nd ed

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