Improving Outcomes for Students with Challenging Behaviors DVD

A 3-part series that was broadcast as part of the Minnesota Institute of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders is presented for training of personnel in the fields of education, mental health and juvenile justice and families.


Life Space Crisis Intervention

This session describes how the "conflict cycle" functions in many crises and how to interrupt the cycle in a non-punitive way. The focus is on skills for assessing different types of crises and approaches for their de-escalation and resolution.

Practical Strategies to Gather Information for Decision-Making and Evaluation

This session provides practical research-based strategies for gathering and interpreting data to make intervention decisions, as well as providing the means to evaluate and report outcomes for individual students and program.

Teacher to Teacher: Promising Practices in EBD

The Positive Behavior Support (PBS) model has emerged over the past decade as one of the most promising practices for students with challenging behavior. Veteran special education teacher/mentors share their effective classroom strategies.

  • Format: 3 DVD set
  • Item #: BICA IOSCD

Improving Outcomes for Students with Challenging Behaviors DVD

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