How to Stop Before You Pop

A new and innovative way to present anger management that will not only teach the necessary anger-management techniques, but will hold students’ attention and motivate them to make behavior changes.

From the opening lesson when the students identify their poppers until the closing session when they do an experiment that shows how they can pass through conflict rather than be stopped by it, students are actively involved in creative activities that make them understand how they can control their anger and give them confidence to do so.

At the conclusion of this program, students will have:

  • analyzed their physiological reactions to anger
  • talked about people and things that help them gain balance and restore calm when they are faced with conflict
  • practiced visualization exercises with a Power Test
  • learned that what they think is what they feel
  • become familiar with the importance of nonverbal communication (body language) and the important role it plays in communication
  • practiced “I” Messages and combined them with appropriate gestures to improve communication

    In other words, they will have learned everything they need to stop before they pop!
  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: MAR_HT074-M

How to Stop Before You Pop

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