Hablando Con Su Hijo - Talking With Your Child (for PC)

Hablando Con Su Hijo/Talking With Your Child - SPANISH version

Six Steps to More Positive Communication/Seis Pasos a Seguir para Lograr una Comunicacion mas Positiva

All parents want to guide and teacher their children to behave in acceptable ways. This can be especially difficult when behavior is defiant and difficult to manage. Misbehavior is most often triggered by a specific incident or event. In response, children may lose control, shout, withdraw, or even argue. As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to know how to best deal with this type of behavior. If the situation is not handled positively, an opportunity for teaching is lost as the channels of communication are closed.

The Talking With Your Child program teaches parents the TALK, FIX, and SMILE process for dealing with behavioral problems in children of any age. This is a simple and effective step-by-step process for talking with your child when incidents of misbehavior occur.

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Hablando Con Su Hijo - Talking With Your Child (for PC)

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