Goatkeepers - Herd

Goatkeeper Herd
Includes 10 goatkeeper sets: 1/64 goat figure, Goatkeeper story card, numbered membership card and sticker

Gets My Goat.  Makes you mad.  Elicits an emotional rather than logical response.  Annoys severely. 

This expression, while known to most Americans and used since the early 1900s, does not have its beginnings documented.  According to H.L. Mencken in American Language (1945), the saying probably originated around horse racing tracks.  He was told that there was a practice among some horse trainers of quieting a particularly high-strung horse by putting a goat in its stall.  Opponents would “Get One’s Goat” by taking it from the stall, causing the horse to become unsettled and lose the race.

Register your membership in the International Goatkeepers Society at www.goatkeepers.org for a certificate and access to Goatkeepers News.

Share your stories about difficult events (or people) and how you kept your goat.

Learn tips and strategies to help you keep your goat

International Goatkeepers Society  www.goatkeepers.org


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  • Item #: BICA GK10

Goatkeepers - Herd

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