Early Social Behavior Books SET of 11

If you have little ones who need help in the "don't cry, don't hit" department, these books are for you. Youngsters learn to replace inappropriate behaviors with appropriate ones.

Friendly, colorful characters show children how to model the desired behaviors and explain why it is important. The interactive text uses a repetitive and humorous question/answer format. Students excitedly begin to anticipate the responses and answer the questions.

Each book in the series focuses on a specific social skill area. An introduction page for the child defines the target social skill, cites some relevant examples of the positive behavior, and gives an overview of why the skill is important. Each book includes teaching instructions, lesson tips, and suggested follow-up activities.

The Early Social Behavior Books 11-book set consists of: Can You Talk to Your Friends?, Can You Stand Up for Yourself?, Can You Be a Helper?, Can You Keep Trying?, Can You Use Your Words?, Can You Use a Good Voice?, Can You Be a Friend?, Can You Take Turns?, Can You Share?, Can You Tell How Someone Feels?, Can You Be Polite?

Each book in the 11-Book Set includes: 14, 8½" x 11" coated pages, with instructions and suggested follow-up activities. 

  • Format: Spiral Laminated
  • Item #: PRO 31070

Early Social Behavior Books SET of 11

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