Don't Suspend Me! An Alternative Discipline Toolkit

Learn how alternative discipline methods can create long-term change

Suspensions don’t work. They don’t improve behavior and they don’t address the social-emotional needs of students. It is time to change the culture of discipline in schools. There are better, alternative discipline methods that can create positive, meaningful long-term changes in the behavior of challenging students. Aligned with educational law, Don’t Suspend Me! is a user-friendly guide that gives educators the tools they need to apply these alternative methods. Readers will find 

  • A toolkit with alternative strategies to use for the most common behavior challenges
  • Case study examples and testimonials from educators in the field
  • Worksheets and exercises for the major discipline incidents that occur in schools
  • Answers to commonly asked questions

Written by practitioners for practitioners, this book will help educators comply with new legal requirements, create meaningful change in the behavior of at-risk students, and ultimately develop more productive and empathetic citizens.  


  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: COR 9781506350370

Don't Suspend Me! An Alternative Discipline Toolkit

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