Announcing...GOAL of the WEEK

A Year-Long Program that Includes Weekly Goals, Daily Announcements and Teacher-Led Mini-Lessons

For every educator who has been searching for a way to infuse character education into the school day in a brief, yet meaningful way, look no further! This resource delivers!

(10) Monthly character education topics

(40) Weekly goals

(180) Daily mini-lessons to be delivered by classroom teachers to students

(180) Daily “Hey kids!” morning announcement messages

Simple and straightforward, the mini-lessons are ready-made, teacher-led discussions that require just 3-5 minutes each day. Absolutely NO prep time is required! It is a powerful stand-alone character education program when delivered to individual classrooms, but gains momentum with school-wide awareness and implementation!

Topics include:

• Appreciating Differences

• Honesty

• Empathy

• Anger Management

• Self-Esteem

• Thankfulness

• Positive Attitude

• Perseverance

• Safety

• Decision-Making

• Respect

• Responsibility

...and more!

  • Format: Paperback
  • Item #: YL GOALWK

Announcing...GOAL of the WEEK

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