Acting Out Workplace Social Skills Intro Kit

Includes 1 Teacher's Guide and 1 Student Book

Using a tiered instructional process, Acting Out empowers students to resolve community dilemmas through hands-on practice. The Student Reader explores the values of Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Citizenship, Caring, Trustworthiness, and Civic Responsibility.

Each Act has Three Scenes emphasizing the viewpoint of different characters. After each scene is read aloud, students act out the role-plays and then reflect on the outcomes. Color illustrations, tiered comprehension worksheets, body-language graphics and five self-assessment components present an engaging user-friendly format.

Topics covered include: Disappointing a coworker, dressing for success, jumping to conclusions, responding to an angry boss, lost cash register money, making and keeping friends on the job, caring and sharing and manners that matter.

The Teacher’s Guide provides an overview of the curriculum plus the complete Student Book with suggested answers. In addition, guidance for teaching sound decision-making and emotional literacy utilizing the Aspen Seven Universal Character Education framework is included.

  • Format: paperback spiral
  • Item #: AC AOS-08

Acting Out Workplace Social Skills Intro Kit

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