ADHD Rating Scale - IV (for Children and Adolescents)

The ADHD Rating Scale-IV is a reliable and easy-to-administer instrument both for diagnosing ADHD in children and adolescents and for assessing treatment response. Containing 18 items, the scale is linked directly to DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for ADHD. This convenient 8½ x 11" lay-flat manual provides three versions of the scale: a parent questionnaire on home behaviors (English), a parent questionnaire on home behaviors (Spanish), and a teacher questionnaire on classroom behaviors. Pages are formatted for easy photocopying, and permission to reproduce the scale as often as needed is included in the purchase price.

This manual also incorporates the following essential features that never before have been published in full:

  • Information on the scale's development and how to use it
  • Scoring profiles for boys and girls aged 5-17
  • Nationally representative norms for both parent and teacher ratings
  • Factor analysis data and findings on reliability and validity
  • Clinical interpretation guidelines for screening and diagnosis
  • Clinical interpretation guidelines for treatment evaluation

What does it do?: Quickly determines the frequency of ADHD symptoms.
Age Range: 5-17
Administration Time: 5-7 minutes
Format: Parent-report and teacher-report rating scales (includes parent form in English and Spanish).
Cost of Additional Forms: No cost—purchasers get permission to reproduce the forms and score sheets for repeated use.

  • Format: Spiral bound
  • Language: Spanish parent form
  • Item #: GP 0423

ADHD Rating Scale - IV (for Children and Adolescents)

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