$10 and Under

Coffee and candles are nice but VALUABLE EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS are better!  Here are a variety of gifts $10 and under:

Conversation Stations:

Good for morning meeting activities, story starters, and verbal expression skills

Tangles and Posh balls:

Known as ‘fidgets’, these help students who are easily distracted or require movement to help their concentration. The Tangles come in a variety of textures and sizes to address specific needs.  Posh balls come in a variety of colors and in two sizes.

“In a Jar” activities:

Easy to store, easy to use resource materials. Many varieties are available in categories such as character and life skills, fun and games, school subjects: language arts, math, social studies, and science. Each jar contains 101 engaging learning activities.

Fandex Field Guides:

These resources create a fan of 50 die-cut cards. They are in full-color, and full of fascinating facts, stats, and lore about the topic. Subjects include Bugs, American Indians, Africa, Presidents, First Ladies, Mythologies, and others. (A fun thing to take along on family road trips-just the right amount of information about interesting topics.)

Julia Cook’s Collection of Children’s Life Skills:

These are books that teachers would buy for themselves. Ms. Cook has over 72 titles that deal with things that plague most classrooms. Topics include blurting out, bullying, tattling, lying, manners, saying sorry, using technology, being hyper, thinking ahead, and many more. These books are a great resource for handling problems in a neutral way. They are an appropriate length for a morning meeting or a read aloud.

Whisper Phone:

Many new readers use their voice when they read-it can get very loud in a classroom. Whisper phone is a device that helps students process language aloud in a whisper voice. When you hear your own voice, it is easier to process individual sounds, pronounce words following a teacher model, and help with reading smoothly. Available with and without headband (frees hands to hold reading materials).

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